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Since 1993, when Cartoon County held its first exhibition of cartoon and comic strip art, we have collected together some fine essays, as well as putting together some great shows. We'll include the catalogue texts where they exist. You are welcome to quote from them, but please credit both the author and

CARTOON COUNTY took place from 11 February - 13 March 1993, and was the first exhibition we held at the Gardner Arts Centre, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton.

The show of political, comic and strip illustrationby over 40 Sussex-based professional cartoonists was the centrepiece to a month's series of events and related exhibitions around Sussex. A Cartoon Trail through the region's museums and galleries was complemented by cartoon clinics, workshops, panel discussions and cartoonist-in residencies. The exhibition was the most well-attended exhibition ever held at the Gardner Centre, with over 9,000 people visiting it. Posters were displayed at British Rail stations throughout Sussex. The workshops for school groups and the Cartoon Clinics for experienced cartoonists and comic artists proved so popular that the Gardner Centre started a Cartoon Club, which met regularly for sessions with visiting artists. The Centre still holds occasional comics workshops as part of its half-term and summer programmes for young people.

DOUBLE VISION, an exhibition of top French and British cartoon and comic strip art, was held at the Gardner Arts Centre, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton between 6 June - 2 July 1994.
Exhibiting artists from the UK included Paul Cemmick, Kate Charlesworth, Steve Bell, Jamie Hewlett, Ross Thomson, Caspar Williams, Caroline Della Porta, Woodrow Phoenix, Ian Miller, David Lloyd, Martin Honeysett and Geo Parkin.

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